The Dead Await Is Launching on Steam in April

Survive at All Costs in The Dead Await

Get ready to survive a zombie apocalypse! Developer Shotx and publisher Freedom Games are proud to announce that their upcoming title The Dead Await will be released on PC via Steam on 15 April 2024. There is also a demo of the game on the platform for everyone to try out before its official launch.

The Dead Await

The Dead Await is an open-world deck-building RPG survival adventure game. Following a devastating zombie apocalypse, civilization lies in ruins, plunging humanity into a bleak era of turmoil and uncertainty. Peril awaits at every turn, with their hope diminishing as days go by. Taking charge of a determined group of survivors, players will set out on a journey through the remnants of society. And face with swarms of the undead and the unpredictable actions of fellow humans.

The game offers a unique blend of deck-building mechanics with open-world exploration, strategic decision-making, and narrative-driven gameplay. They must scavenge for resources, gather survivors, maintain their team’s mental stability, and build a fortified caravan stronghold to fend off relentless zombie attacks. All the while navigating the unpredictable moves of rival human groups.

Form the best team of survivors and take down your enemies in sophisticated card-based combat. As the journey progresses, players will get a chance to build up their deck, assembling a team that ranges from rag-tag survivors to seasoned veterans. Each one of them has their own rare cards that they can use anytime. Plan out the best strategy and out with your opponents in an unforgiving landscape.