Baladins Will Begin Its Journey on Steam Next Month

An Epic Adventure Awaits in Baladins

Developer Seed by Seed and publisher Armor Game Studios have announced that their upcoming title Baladins is launching on PC via Steam on 15 May 2024. Players will finally get to embark on a magical time-sensitive journey on this very day. The game is coming out on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, and PlayStation 4 at a later date as well, so stay tuned for more updates.


Baladins is a whimsical tabletop RPG-inspired co-op fantasy game. You can choose from 5 unique classes, such as Cook, Pyro, Dancer, Luxomancer, and Bard, to become a hero in a combat-free narrative. Embark on an epic adventure alone or form a party of up to four in local and online co-op and spread happiness in the land. Be careful though as Colobra, the time-eating dragon lurks in the shadows to stop your plans.

Witness a wonderful tale through choice-based dialogue and dice rolls. Explore various scenarios depending on your crucial decisions. Each combination of choices throughout questlines will result in a different outcome, adding a layer of replayability.

Travel through four regions of Gatherac – Mouliac, Hortegarde, Mercazon, and Lumensac. All of them are filled with countless areas to explore. Along the way, you will encounter quirky NPCs, each with their own beliefs and desires. Fulfill various quests and resolve issues amongst the townfolks, and help them appreciate one another.

At the end of six weeks, Colobra will pass judgment on the heroes’ actions from the previous loop based on his hunger for mirth and adventure. If you fail to pass, Colobra will send the adventurers back in time to start their journey again.