Tales of Arise: Beyond the Dawn DLC Coming November 9th

Tales of Arise: Beyond the Dawn DLC is Coming November 9th Accompanied by an Exciting Trailer

In a thrilling announcement, Tales of Arise – Beyond the Dawn takes players on a captivating journey beyond the main storyline. It’s the first DLC of this scale in the Tales of Arise series, and we’ll delve into what makes it special.

The expansion explores a world after the union of two worlds, introducing a new character, Nazamil. This DLC adds a whopping 20 hours of narrative content, promising an experience akin to watching a great movie.

Watch the trailer here:

The decision to create Beyond the Dawn was influenced by fan requests for a continuation of Arise’s story. It serves as a reflection on what Arise means for the development team. The original game tackled themes of liberation, equality, and understanding, resulting in significant character growth.

While Arphen and Shionne achieved a new dawn, Vholran’s refusal sets the stage for new challenges and conflicts. However, with their unwavering bonds, the party faces these trials with hope for the future but lingering anxiety in their hearts.

Tales of Arise

Beyond the Dawn dives into the characters’ post-journey lives, reflecting the Tales of philosophy that stories extend beyond the game. The DLC’s unexpected depth and improved cutscenes aim to deliver a cinematic experience.

Gameplay-wise, it retains Arise’s core mechanics but offers new dungeons, quests, and costumes. Players can also enjoy the DLC without needing high-level characters, thanks to provided skills and bonuses.

For newcomers to Arise, a special bundle pack ensures a seamless introduction to this captivating world. So, prepare to go “Beyond the Dawn” on November 9, as Tales of Arise continues to enchant players worldwide.