The Dark Souls Solaire of Astora Model Crossbody Bag Is a Minimalist’s Dream

Dark Souls Solaire of Astora Model Crossbody Bag Impressions

Over the last year I’ve become a huge fan of SuperGroupies. They’re a clothing and accessory company that brings video games into the real world. They make stunning, quality pieces and have items from franchises such as Silent Hill 2 and Demon’s Souls. I just recently had the opportunity to fall in love with the Street Fighter V Ryu Model crossbody bag and was curious how this Dark Souls Solaire of Astora Model crossbody bag shines. So let’s get into what this latest bag is all about.

From the very beginning you’ll be intrigued. The Dark Souls Solaire of Astora Model crossbody bag is bright and eye-catching. The front is a pointed oval shape made of a synthetic leather. Half is shiny dark grey and half is bright white with a symbol and quote fans will recognize. The symbol is a red and yellow sun complete with Solaire’s introduction: “I am Solaire of Astora, an adherent of the Lord of Sunlight.”

Shining Bright

The back of the bag is square and made from the same synthetic leather. There’s less of a pop of color, however, sticking to the same shiny dark grey found on the front. On the back of the Dark Souls Solaire of Astora Model crossbody bag is where you’ll find the black adjustable strap and buckle as well. This connects to the front side of the bag and allows for ultimate comfort. There are thankfully no concerns that this strap will fray over time either as, much like the rest of the bag, it’s thick and sturdy. The straps are held on and reinforced by brown leather pieces for extra support as well.

The style itself is a bit of a mix. It looks like retro throwback with the pops of color adding a touch of new age. It’s a larger version of a fanny pack and allows for a bit more versatility than previous backpacks/bags I’ve used from SuperGroupies. You can wear it across your waist or along your back or chest as a traditional crossbody bag. Both are equally comfortable with a maximum strap length of 45 inches. And both of these options make for a bit more fun when getting ready for a night out if this is your accessory of choice.

Cheerful Design

Both the back and the front of the bag have a zippered pocket, though the bigger of the two is found in the front. This bigger compartment has a little pocket within, for the smallest of treasures. Like a set of headphones or some extra cash to keep track of. Don’t put coins in there however as they’ll fall out and end up at the bottom of the bag. The rest of the space can be used up by placing a wallet and a half liter water bottle. That’s where this second compartment, on the back of the Dark Souls Solaire of Astora Model crossbody bag, comes in handy. This is where you can put all your other small valuables like your phone.

The polyester lining is the same in both compartments. It’s bright and colorful, like the outside of the bag, and is supposed to mimic Solaire’s joy. This is exactly how you feel looking at the yellow, white and red striped pattern!

Smaller Than You’d Expect

The Dark Souls Solaire of Astora Crossbody bag is almost 8 inches high, 9 inches wide and 9 inches deep. Not incredibly large in size. I would’ve loved to have a bit of extra space to fit a bit more stuff into it. Like a whole Subway sandwich maybe? It’s not a deal-breaker if you’re looking for something small to take on a night out, or as a personal item while travelling though.

There’s no denying that the Dark Souls Solaire of Astora crossbody bag is very cool, the only issue is that it’s relatively small for the $130 price tag. Especially if you start comparing it to other SuperGroupies bags within the same price range. Regardless, it does have a few cool features and it’s a pretty awesome nod to Dark Souls. This bag is certainly a showstopper. I think it makes for a better travel companion than an everyday partner as it has enough space to carry the necessities without feeling bulky. This crossbody bag is truly the nerdy minimalist’s dream!

***The product was provided to COGconnected for the purpose of this article***