Bandai Namco Launches Music YouTube Channel

Epic Soundtracks 

One of the most important aspects of the gaming experience is the music. Gamers of all varieties are often able to name their favorite tracks from their favorite games. Whether it be an FPS like Halo or the sound of an adventure like Legend of Zelda, the music adds to the game. However, there are very few soundtracks like those found in Bandai Namco games. Luckily those are now at gamers’ fingertips even easier. Bandai Namco is happy to announce the launch of its new Music YouTube channel. The channel aims to deliver the soundtracks of players’ favorite titles from the Bandai Namco roster. 

Bandai Namco YouTube

Featuring over one thousand tracks currently, the Music channel is bringing its very best. Of course, these tracks cover the entire roster of the company’s games. For instance, players can look forward to listening to the soundtracks of games like Elden Ring, Little Nightmares, SOULCALIBUR, and of course, the Dark Souls series. 

In a press release Bandai Namco Chief Marketing and Sales Officer Europe, Anthony Macaré provided insights into the start of the channel. They explain that, “Music is one of the core components that can turn a video game into an epic journey that will live on in the memories of players forever. Opening this Game Music channel is how we get to share the most memorable soundtracks from our games with the greatest number and expand our IPs outside of the videogame world.” 

The Bandai Namco YouTube channel is available to explore now. So, what tracks are you going to have on repeat?