Elden Ring Sells 20-Million Copies in First Year Since Release

Another Milestone

The Lands Between are pretty popular. As of now there are over 20-million Tarnished running around looking to become Elden Lord. Today, Bandai Namco Entertainment Inc. and FromSoftware are happy to announce that their game, Game of The Year Recipient, Elden Ring has sold 20-million copies since its release. Of course, Elden Ring has been lauded as a phenomenon. The sales of the game reflect its positive reception. 

Elden Ring

Since its release in February of 2022, the game has received multiple awards and millions of players. Of course, Elden Ring is the newest of the “Soulsborne” games that FromSoftware is known for. The game introduces players to an open world fraught with danger, strange creatures, and interesting characters. 

Importantly, the game is known for being notoriously difficult. Featuring over 165 different bosses, Elden Ring offers a variety of of challenging fights for players. Of course, the difficulty of the game is another aspect that players expect from FromSoft. With bosses like Malenia, it delivers. Additionally, with a massive open-world, the game also provides a great deal content to explore. From wide open fields, to deep dungeons, and massive dead cities. 

Obviously, the game was impressive enough to win Game of the Year. Now, selling over 20-million copies, the game has achieved yet another massive milestone. It seems that the hype around the game has yet to die down, as it continues to seel even a year after its release. 

Elden Ring is currently available on PC, Xbox, and PlayStation consoles. So, are you one of the 20-million brave adventurers currently in the Lands Between?