Elden Ring Wins Game of the Year

Elden Ring is 2022’s Game of the Year

Elden Ring brings home the bacon at this year’s The Game Awards. FromSoftware’s title beat God of War: Ragnarok and Stray as 2022’s Game of the Year.

All of the six titles nominated for the award deserved the award. However, Elden Ring emerged victorious for the highly coveted award. Its development started back in 2017. Even famed author of the Game of Thrones franchise fleshed out its back story.

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It has suffered from multiple delays that made fans wonder if it was ever going to see the light of day. Finally, after five years in development, devs launched the final product this February to critical acclaim. This came as no surprise, especially given the studio’s track record.

Many Elden Ring players have commented on the game’s difficulties. Still, the gaming public praised its open world aspect and stand-out story line. Apart from winning Game of the Year, it also got Best Art Direction and Best Game Direction.

God of War: Ragnarok got a lot of the awards that it was nominated for. With that said, the gaming community initially speculated that it was going to get Game of the Year as well. However, Elden Ring managed to secure that title despite everything. The studio was able to launch an acclaimed finished game that multiple players from different parts of the world enjoyed.

Director Hidetaka Miyazaki thanked the gaming public and his development team for the award. After all, his team had so many difficulties they had to face just to come up with a product that the gaming community loved. This win motivates Miyazaki to develop even more games like Elden Ring. With that said, fans are speculating that a possible DLC could be coming to the franchise. They are hopeful that it could be something quite similar to the Colosseum update that they added to the game earlier this week.

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