Elden Ring Sells 16.6M Copies in Just Under Six Months

Elden Ring Sells Just Under 17M Copies in Six Months

Elden Ring launched to the gaming public on February 25th. However, in only under six months, Bandai Namco has confirmed that they already sold 16.6 million copies of the game. This makes it the biggest individual success in FromSoftware’s history. The news came as part of the publisher’s financial results for the first financial quarter of 2023.

elden ring sells 16.6m copies in six months

Despite these numbers, devs are forecasting an overall drop in profit over this financial year. According to sources, ongoing development investments and and the lack of big game launches are to blame. However, if Elden Ring continues to sell like it has been, the final picture could be a whole lot rosier.

Investors certainly seem to think so. After all, Elden Ring stocks have risen since devs published the financial results. Unfortunately, the numbers do not contain any information about the inevitable Elden Ring DLC. 

Fans are clamoring for more that Lands Between goodness. In fact, the gaming community has seen several fake leaks of DLC titles and logo art. Fans of the franchise are well aware of FromSoftware’s skill when it comes to coming up with the best DLCs. With that said, its 17-odd million players are expecting an Elden Ring DLC soon.

Furthermore, the Elden Ring community has also voiced their concerns about an overwhelming increase in invasions following the most recent update. The game offers a primarily story-driven experience. However, it managed to obtain a massive PvP following, including invasions and duels. Still, many players have felt that the increase in invasions was a bit too much for their liking.

They will have to fend off these invasions more frequently. This will force them to stop whatever tasks they are doing and use the resources they have saved in preparation for a boss fight.

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