Cult of the Lamb Devs Are Promising ‘Free Major Content Updates’

Cult of the Lamb Celebrates Its Million-Player Milestone

Cult of the Lamb has been turning its players into cult leaders. It has only been a week since launch yet the franchise already managed to sell one million copies in the gaming market. 

We are eternally grateful for your devotion and our team is committed to improving the game with tweaks, fixes and free major content updates,” Developer Massive Monster wrote on social media. “This is only the beginning as there is so much room for this cult to grow!”

cult of the lamb free major content updates

Cult of the Lamb players have reported that they experienced a variety of bugs within the game. It has also come to light that Nintendo Switch users are the ones who are having a particularly rough time. The tweaks and fixes that devs promised will be welcome among fans.

The fact that more free content is coming should not entirely be a surprise. After all, the game’s main menu has had a road map tab since day one. Until an update is out, devs are advising fans to report any issues through a Google form.

Cult of the Lamb begins with the players’ death. The players take on the role of the titular lamb who was revived by a lost god. In exchange of this good deed, the task is to kill the other gods who previously decided to chain them up.

In celebration of Cult of the Lamb hitting the million player milestone, devs released a new accolades trailer. The game has received a lot of positive feedback for showcasing a successful marriage of procedurally generated roguelike elements and an Animal Crossing style home base. Judging by its first week of sales, this combination seems to have paid off.

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