An Elden Ring VR Mod Is Coming

An Elden Ring VR Mod Is Coming Soon

An Elden Ring VR Mod is in the works. Known modder Luke Ross will be heading its development. Fortunately for fans of the franchise, he provided an exclusive sneak peek of the project.

Ross is popular within the gaming industry because of his modding work for Cyberpunk 2077 and Red Dead Redemption 2. Now, it looks like he is working on making Elden Ring VR an actual thing. With that said, experiencing the game’s surreal blend of horror and beauty through a VR headset will be quite the gaming experience.

elden ring vr mod is coming

Ross and his team are well-versed in producing third-person VR mods. However, he wants to optimize the Elden Ring VR Mod for the first-person perspective. Players will still be able to play in the original third-person view, but he does not recommend it.

Third-person in this game is really far away,” Ross said. “That does not work very well in VR.”

Despite this, he does not want to leave out fans who opt to play with a third-person point of view. “Nevertheless, I am going to leave the original camera as an option for purists,” he continued. “I will probably also add an intermediate close third-person camera, but I think the first-person camera is where it is at.”

Furthermore, Ross also addressed motion sickness for the upcoming Elden Ring VR Mod. “When rolling or performing other scripted animations like the combat moves, the camera follows the character’s head so its position changes,” he added. ”But it remains oriented correctly according to what your head is doing in real life so the horizon will stay level and the world will always look stable.”

Elden Ring VR Mod devs hope to release the project by the end of the month. However, Ross did emphasize that it will still be a work-in-progress at that point. Fans who want to give it a try will have to subscribe to the R.E.A.L. VR Patreon.

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