Elden Ring Dominates Sales Charts, for Second Consecutive Month

Elden Ring Continues its Immense Popularity

The fact that we both know that I, absolutely, one-hundred-percent, do not need to describe Elden Ring to you should say more than I ever could. To call the game’s success an “explosion” would be to call the invention of the internet a “funny quirky little addition to humanity.” It’s technically true, but it absolutely does not tell the full story.

We’re two months into Elden Ring’s reign, and it’s still topping all the fresh sales charts. These numbers remain true across all the major platforms – Steam, PSN, Xbox, the works.

One of the most well-known strengths of the game is the depth of its on-launch content. You’ve no doubt heard stories before of people losing days, weeks of their lives while exploring Elden Ring’s vast landscapes. This longevity seems to have translated into the game’s staying power, as people keep discussing the game online and discovering new things.

A regular influx of new speedrun world-records has also likely been a huge contributing factor. We’ve recently posted an article about this exact topic, and it’s already out of date. 30 minutes to beat something as large as Elden Ring? Get in under 7 minutes and we’ll talk.