Hades 2 Fans Think It is Too Early to Launch the Sequel

Hades 2 Has Been Announced

Hades 2 devs officially announced the sequel at this year’s The Game Awards. It was a welcome announcement for the franchise’s fans, but it came off as a major surprise. It has come to light that the game’s following expected Supergiant Games to move on to a different project first.

Apparently, Hades 2 fans think that it is too early to return to its very imaginative world. It entered early access back in 2018. Devs officially launched the full game to the market in 2020. The community immediately fell in love with the roguelike dungeon crawler. However, they feel like it is too soon for a sequel. 

hades hero

This is actually the first sequel from Supergiant for any of their original titles. It will have a new main character but will feature a structure that is quite similar to the first game. Apparently, there are a few things that Hades 2 devs want to shake up.

The new protagonist is going to be Melinoe. She is the Princess of the Underworld and is Zagreus’ sister. Fans of the franchise are well aware that Zagreus is the main character in the previous installment. Instead of trying to escape Hades, Melinoe is going to war against Chronos. Chronos is the Titan of Time and has many Olympian gods as his captives. He is the father of Zeus, Poseidon, and the titular Hades. With that said, it would seem that devs are depicting Chronos as a proper Titan in this adaptation.

It would seem that many parts of Hades 2’s gameplay will be pretty much the same as the original. For the sequel, devs added new challenges, upgrade systems, locations, and a lot more. After all, they want returning fans to enjoy what the game has to offer as well.

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