Elden Ring Voted Game Most Completed and Quit of 2022

You Win Some, You Lose Some 

Everyone knows that soulslike games are notoriously difficult. Some gamers relish the challenge. Nothing is more fun than the difficulty of a good old soulslike. Yet, for some players, they prove to be too difficult. Today the community based website HowLongtoBeat revealed that Elden Ring is the game that most players completed but also quit during 2022. Does this really come as a surprise? 

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Reflective of its lauding and awards by fans, Elden Ring was not without its difficult bosses. For instance, many fans had their share of struggles against the infamous Malenia, Blade of Miquella. In fact, the struggle against this boss became so notorious that one legendary player, Let Me Solo Her, became sensational for the skill with which he defeated her.

Furthermore, Elden Ring is a rather long game. In addition to being difficult, the game has a huge amount of content to explore. For some players, this is an amazing thing, offering seemingly endless challenges. However, some players may have felt like it became a slog to get through, according to statistics, despite the gameplay. 

Of course, Elden Ring was an impressive achievement in the world of soulsborne games. Impressive enough to take Game of the Year from God of War: Ragnarok. It provided a challenge for many players, but was also set in a massive open world. This gave players a choice of exploration or simply boss rushing. Importantly, this may have been what made players want to complete the game or had the opposite effect. 

So, what do you think? Did you end up completing Elden Ring? Or did the Lands Between defeat you?