“Let Me Solo Her” Will Stream 1000th Victory Over Malenia in Elden Ring

Elden Ring’s Toughest Boss Faces her Toughest Challenge

The name “Let Me Solo Her” is one that, even for those outside Elden Ring’s playerbase, rings louder than any named character from From Software’s hit game. He’s become something of a folk hero, a beacon of light for other players to call upon in their darkest hour.

Malenia, on the other hand, easily ranks among Elden Ring‘s toughest fights. She’s proven to be a brick wall for player after player. But where others saw great failure, another saw an opportunity. And as you can guess from the name, “Let Me Solo Her” had a specific solution in mind.

Almost 1000 iterations of Malenia have been slain by this wandering hero. And tomorrow, live on Youtube, the 1000th kill will be streamed for anyone to watch.

Let Me Solo Her’s announcement post was brief and to the point, outlining the date and time over on Reddit. Tuesday, May 10th at 5pm CST. At this link.

While most see Elden Ring’s Malenia as an impenetrable opponent, don’t expect anything surprising to come from Let Me Solo Her’s victory lap. Equipped with nothing but a blade in his hand and a pot on his head, dodging Malenia’s attacks has become almost second nature. Beating Malenia is impressive enough already, but doing so with absurd gear is a statement in itself. If you’d like to see the kill as it happens, you know where to look. And if you can’t catch the timeslot, a recording will almost certainly be available afterward.