Dave the Diver, RPG Tycoon Game, Splashing Onto Steam This Fall

Time to Dive In 

The ocean can often be seen as another world of untapped riches and beauty. However, it’s important to remember it is also a world of unknown dangers. Today developer MINTROCKET unveiled that their in development RPG tycoon game, Dave the Diver, is currently set to release in the Fall of 2022. A press release about the game provides details about what players can expect. Additionally, the release also provides information on a playable demo for the game debuting in June. 

Dave the Diver

Dave the Diver is a genre bending adventure game that introduces players to Dave. As Dave players will descend into the ocean, more specifically, a large marine cave. Exploring the cave, players will find all kinds of fish and giant creatures. Of course, these species are always changing and there are seemingly endless species to discover. This is where Dave’s sushi restaurant comes in. Capturing new species allows you to come up with new recipes. Making money from the restaurant allows players to buy new equipment and explore even deeper. However, nice little fish aren’t the only things lurking down in the cave. 

An unknown creature is skulking about the cavern. And it’s hungry for Dave. Of course, this adds the importance of defense spending to the game. In order to advance players will need to spend money they make on defensive equipment or risk meeting their end in the jaws of a monster. 

Dave the Diver is releasing later this year for PC via Steam. A playable demo will be available in June. Currently, players can wish list the game on Steam in preparation for the demo. So, will you risk the dive? Or will you stay dry on land?