EleMetals Rocking onto Nintendo Switch and Xbox Consoles This Year

Rocking a Death Metal Deathmatch

Time to shred through some death metal arenas. Today RedDeer.Games announced their upcoming chaotic local multiplayer game, Elemetals, is coming to Switch and Xbox consoles later this year. A press release about the game provides more details on this rocking action. Additionally, a new trailer shows off all of the brutal action players can expect as they enter these deadly mosh-pit arenas. 

Elemetals places players into a death metal world. Choosing one of six rocking characters, players will battle their friends in one of several arenas full of traps, and even deadlier combat. Additionally unique mechanics bring some depth to the fast-pacing of the arena combat. Headbang for more ammo, dash through traps or into opponents to kill them, and return to your body as a wayward soul to continue the fight. That’s right. You can return from the dead. However, it becomes harder and harder each time you die. The resurrection mechanic in Elemetals scales with the amount you die. Players must hit the right button combo that will continually get harder the more deaths you rack up. Remember though. Only one of you may win. 

Additionally, the announcement trailer gives players a glimpse at this arcade action. Furthermore the trailer highlights the playable characters and maps as well. 

Elemetals will be arriving on Nintendo Switch and Xbox One and Series X/S later this year. Of course, more information about the game will be available on RedDeer.Games website.  Are you ready to shred your opponents? Don’t hit a sour note.