Ad Infinitum Launches Pre-Orders Alongside New Trailer

Fear Between Reality and Illusion

Sometimes horror deigns to go all out. The genre is infinitely capable of delivering fear in a variety of ways. However, the mix of illusion, reality, and monstrosity is always a good place to start. Now, NACON and Hekate studio are happy to announce they are aiming to bring just these ingredients in their upcoming horror game, Ad Infinitum. With pre-orders now available, the game is inviting players to prepare themselves for psychological horror on another level. Blending reality and illusions using the PTSD of World War I, the game allows players to explore a horrific psychological battle from within. Of course, a new pre-order trailer allows players to get a better look at the game. 

Ad Infinitum places players in the shoes of a young German soldier suffering hallucinations. Interestingly the game takes place in two separate realities, one being the hallways of a vast mansion and the other the horrific trenches of WWI. Importantly, these environments play a pivotal role in the horror of the game. By placing emphasis on the environment, the game can manipulate the player through appropriate visions that both do and do not fit where the player finds themselves. 

Of course, these visions can become incredibly real. As players explore both the mansion and the trenches, they will need to solve puzzles, discover mysteries, and fend off horrific creatures. Players can check out the pre-order trailer below for a look at the game, its art style, and everything that awaits them in their own minds. 

Ad Infinitum is available for pre-order now. The game will be available on 14 September on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC. Furthermore, players are also able to order the special Nightmare Edition of the game which comes with extras like the soundtrack and art book.