Playstation Plus August Games Have Been Revealed

New entries are reaching the Playstation Plus program in the next few days. A creativity sandbox, a soul-collection adventure, and the world of sports are all rolling up – so lets take a glance at each one, shall we?

Dreams is first on our list – a tool for converting your creative whims into playable gaming experiences you can share with the world. The game’s won awards for itself, and takes pride in its accessible design. And if games aren’t your cup of tea, then first of all, why are you here? And second of all, Dreams also lets you dive into other mediums as well. Painting and animation are all on the table here, so go nuts and fulfill your wildest – say it with me –

Desires, that’s right. There are no other possible answers, fool.

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Second on the list is Death’s Door, an action-adventure game where you play as a crow. Here, you’ll be gathering up lost souls and sending them for processing at the Reaping Commission Headquarters. Seeing frequent comparisons to Dark Souls and The Legend of Zelda, the game’s been put into a pretty high weight class in terms of raw fun. And it aims to soar over any bar you set!

Lastly: do you like sports? Lots of people do, lots of people don’t. PGA Tour 2K23 hopes you’re in the former category – and if you are, this Playstation game’s got the quality to please. We’ve already reviewed this game here on COGconnected, so if you want a deep dive into the world of small-balls-slapped-with-heavy-sticks, you’re in the right place. Or at least you will be if you click that link. The review’s not here. Why are you still reading this? You’re silly.