This Silent Hill 2 Red Pyramid Thing Model Backpack is Super Sexy

Silent Hill 2 Red Pyramid Thing Model Backpack Impressions

I’ve dipped my toe into the SuperGroupies waters before and I’ve never been disappointed. In fact, I’ve fallen in love with items such as the Demon’s Souls watch and the Bloodborne wallet. Without giving too much away, this Silent Hill 2 Red Pyramid Thing Model Backpack instantly became my favorite yet! It’s a super sexy bag with a whole lot of features to get fans extra excited. Considering it’s based on a character out of a survival horror game there’s nothing but good vibes with this bag.

As soon as you take this bag out of the plastic wrap you’ll be drooling. It’s gorgeous. This Silent Hill 2 Red Pyramid Thing model backpack is black and reddish-brown and made from synthetic leather. It oozes style and quality. In fact, it’s so pretty that a stranger would never know it’s based on a character in a survival horror game!

Captivating Design

The back of the Silent Hill 2 Red Pyramid Thing backpack is all thick black nylon. The thick and sturdy shoulder straps add a splash of color with the reddish-brown strips down the middle. There’s also some silver hardware thrown into the mix with non-functional buckles on the adjustable straps. And I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the surprise zippered pocket that blends into the back. It’s a neat little area that’s polyester lined and inspired by the Mira the dog ending of the game. It’s a good spot to hide something small. Some extra cash perhaps?

As delightful as the back of the bag is, the front is where all of its reddish-brown leather and subtle triangular shape comes into play. The only things that break up this huge pop of color are the buckle, zipper and small black spaces in between.

The front is almost entirely made from the reddish-brown synthetic leather, including the top flap that comes to a slight point. Outside of this flap there are a couple more triangles that showcase similarities with the Red Pyramid Thing’s triangular helmet. In fact, one of the triangles even has an embroidered bullet impact on it. It’s a fantastic nod to the character.


Within this inspired look, there’s also a large zippered pocket along the front. It’s a long gleam of silver that’s hard to miss. Make sure to open it up though because it’s surprisingly spacious. And of course, the inside lining is another nod to the Red Pyramid Thing’s helmet with its flesh-like pattern. This same pattern is showcased on the two open side pockets as well.

Hidden Gems

This isn’t the only bling to be found on the Red Pyramid Thing’s backpack though. There’s also a detachable charm that’s a tiny replica of Red Pyramid Thing’s in-game weapon: the rusty knife. This might not seem like much but it’s a really cool addition to an already outstanding backpack.

So what do you see when you open the backpack up? A spacious main compartment with a creative flare. The lining seen in this main compartment takes direct inspiration from a piece of art found in the Silent Hill Historical Society, the Misty Day, Remains of the Judgment painting.

Within this main compartment of the backpack you can store a few packages of 8.5 by 11 paper. Not sure that’s actually what you’d want to be lugging around but hey, different strokes for different folks, right? All joking aside, it’s guaranteed to be the backpack you’ll want to bring to school, work, or on a small trip. You’ll be able to fit all of your small valuables, as well as your study materials and lunch. You might even still have space left over! And since it’s 15.75 inches tall and 13.39 inches wide you can fit it under your seat on an airplane easily too.

The Silent Hill 2 Red Pyramid Thing model backpack is insanely sleek, incredibly practical and affordable for both the gamers and the style fiends alike coming in at $148 USD. It might sound a bit steep but given all the hidden features and subtle (and obvious) nods to Silent Hill 2 it is undoubtedly worth every single cent. Not to mention that it’s going to last a long time because it’s very obviously made to survive the test of time. It’d be tough to find a backpack that could compete with this one and you’ll definitely be the talk of every room you walk into with it on your back.

***The product was provided to COGconnected for the purpose of this article***