This Master Chief Backpack is Smaller Than Anticipated But Super Cool

Master Chief Backpack Impressions

We’ve taken a look at a lot SuperGroupies merchandise over the past year. We’ve told you about a Demon Souls backpack, Street Fighter Watch, and a Halo jacket. In all instances, we walked away impressed. The Japanese fashion brand has consistently delivered superb quality merch while paying tribute to many iconic video game characters and franchises. This time around, I had the opportunity to mess around with the Master Chief Halo backpack and there is no doubt this is easily the coolest backpack I’ve ever thrown on my shoulders.

At first glance, there doesn’t appear to be anything particularly special about it. I mean, it looks like many other backpacks I’ve seen over the years. Yet when you dive in and peel away the layers, several small but amazing details emerge. It isn’t long before you realize this backpack is actually pretty awesome.

Just like the Halo jacket we told you about, the backpack’s design is inspired by the Master Chief’s armor and color scheme. It has that classic Halo olive green with black, and vivid orange touches. It looks great and love the overall design of the bag.

It’s loaded with pockets too. There is a front pocket that features a dynamic mix of textures inspired by the Master Chief’s armor parts and techsuit. There is also the Chief’s Spartan number “117,” boldly printed in white at the bottom of the bag. It’s a sharp look and I dig the aesthetic.

The shoulder straps have the UNSC logo stitched in the straps. There are also different decorations reflecting the small fusion reactors on the shoulders of the Master Chief’s armor. It is a subtle but slick little detail Halo fans will appreciate.

Similar to the side pocket zipper on the Halo jacket, the side pockets of the bag are modeled after a Halo ring. These side storage spaces are a nice addition giving you more options to store your stuff. Inside the handle loop and strap, there is a keychain strap made of an orange shiny fabric that draws inspiration from the Master Chief’s helmet visor.

The main inside compartment can store A4-sized items (8-1/4 x 11-3/4 in) and has a wide opening. Inside there’s an open pocket with lining inspired by the color scheme of the Master Chief’s armor. There is plenty of storage and it’s perfect for a carry-on travel bag given its size.

It is extremely comfortable as well thanks to the padded backing. There is a layer of mesh that provides a comfortable fit. I did not get too hot wearing it either as the design gives it just enough breathing room.

SuperGroupies have once again delivered another outstanding backpack. While this Master Chief Halo backpack is a little on the smaller side, the attention to detail, comfort, and the overall look is second to none. It is well worth the $150.00 price tag, but I am warning you, it’s currently sold out. Happy hunting Spartans.

***The product was provided to COGconnected for the purpose of this article***