Moss 2 Essential Tips and Tricks

How To Play Moss 2

Here are some helpful tips on how to play Moss 2, because Quill is back!

Moss launched on PSVR back in 2018 and is one of the best games for the platform to date. While Astrobot is officially the Playstation mascot, to many PSVR players, the diminutive but mighty mouse, Quill, is their real mascot. This little hero took PSVR players on a magical journey to restore order to her world.

We all clamored for a sequel and developer, Polyarc, has answered the call. Moss 2 is out on PSVR with a bigger, bolder and more campaign. Check out COG’s review of –  Moss 2.

As with all sequels, Moss 2 adds new gameplay elements. The puzzles are similar but the levels are longer and there is more combat. So to help out all you virtual mouseketeers, here is a collection of helpful – How To Play – tips:

Tip 1) Watch Quill for Hints

Not sure where to go next? Watch Quill and she’ll give you some pointers.

Tip 2) Look for Green Dash Arrows

At some point in the game, Quill will receive a new Dash ability. The best spots to use the dash are highlighted by green dash arrows scattered through out the levels.

Tip 3) Look for Glowing Roots and Bare Branches

Another new ability has to do with the Reader being able to grow plants. These can either create new pathways or turn bare branches into vines, which Quill can climb.

Tip 4) Explore Every Nook and Cranny

Work together with Quill to explore every area of a level. For Quill these means covering every accessible area. For you the Reader, this means that if you are playing sitting, stand up and lean forward to see everything. From a seated position certain areas of a level may be hard to see.

Tip 5) Don’t Just Be the Reader – Be A Doer Too

There are many more battles in Moss 2. Don’t forget to not only help Quill fight by reaching out to disable enemies temporarily but also heal Quill when she takes damage.


Tip 6) Not Sure What To Do Next?

When in doubt, bring up the menu and check your objectives.

These are a few tips that should help you and Quill on your virtual journey.

Happy adventuring!