This Demon’s Souls Backpack is a Total Steal at $148

Demon’s Souls Backpack Impressions

SuperGroupies USA offers a variety of collections made solely for those who love gaming franchises such as Bloodborne, Borderlands, Halo and Resident Evil. You’ll find apparel, watches, shoes, wallets, bags and more. These can add a little something extra to your cosplay outfit or be a subtle fashion statement. I’ve recently gotten my hands on the Demon’s Souls backpack. Let me just say, it is a work of art. Outside of work and travel I very rarely have a bag in hand as I don’t want to worry about forgetting it somewhere. That is sure to change with this Demon’s Souls backpack.

From the second you remove the backpack from the plastic bag it comes in, you’ll be impressed. It’s beautiful and lightweight yet seemingly long-lasting and durable. The more you use it, the more both of these judgements hold true.

The Demon’s Souls backpack is mostly black, made with a mix of polyester, leather and metal alloy for the zippers and bezels. The front is the only part of the bag, aside from part of the straps on the back, that isn’t made of leather. The leather itself is soft and flexible though it doesn’t seem like it would tear or rip easily. As a special treat for the fans of Demon’s Souls this backpack also comes complete with a detachable side charm and a charm belt. It’s a very small, but cool detail.

It’s a Lucky Charm

Without even opening or looking in any pockets, there are parts that have a subtle dark gold brushed effect. These parts include the handle at the top, the zipper teeth and the straps. Once you open the pockets however, you’re greeted to an even better sight. The lining inside all of the pockets is black with gold and bronze patterns that mimic the magic circles in the Nexus. This detail is my favorite of the entire bag and is so well done.

The front part of the backpack features a zippered pocket. It features a grooved textured material on the outside and the uniquely designed lining inside. You can fit the smaller items here, like your cell phone and your favorite book. There are open pockets with enough space to put a 1-liter reusable water bottle on either side. There’s also a roomy main compartment that fits more than a few important items. The handle at the top of the bag is thin, yet sturdy. The straps at the back are thicker, and can carry quite a bit of weight. All-in-all, if you wanted to carry around a few textbooks and a 15 inch laptop, you could and it would easily hold.

I wouldn’t normally advocate spending $148 USD on a bag. This Demon’s Souls backpack is not only practical and stylish, but it’s also going to last a long time. If it lasts 5 years, it works out to spending about $2 per month on it. Looking at it that way, it’s a steal.

This Demon’s Souls backpack is beautiful, intricately detailed and very well crafted. For anyone who has been looking for a new bag, for those who love the franchise, or those just looking to travel in style, this is an absolute no-brainer.

***The product was provided to COGconnected for the purpose of this article***