Demon’s Souls Video Review – The Thrill of Impending Death

Demon’s Souls Video Review

It may sound like an odd decision to have a remake of a game that released over a decade ago as the leading title for a console launch, however, with some of the best visuals ever seen in the medium and an awe-inspiring score, Demon’s Souls is not only a strong launch title, but it could also be the best game to kickstart any console generation.

The ‘Souls’ games have carved a new sub-genre out of the action-adventure mold. With its incredible fantasy-based setting, you are tasked with slaying foes in an epic quest that is both thrilling and intense. Rather than being chauffeured around an environment, you are left to your own devices. Not being plagued with icons and waypoints on a minimap is refreshing and due to this, you can traverse the wonderful world how you want which personalizes the experience. And, we can’t avoid the topic of difficulty with Demon’s Souls, like other From Software games, you’ll die a lot and yes, you’ll love doing it! So check out our full video review below to find out our thoughts on Demon’s Souls on the PS5.

Demon’s Souls launched with the PS5 and you can read our full review here. Are you excited to dive back into the strange and sadistic world of Demon’s Souls? Did you play the original release on the PS3? Which is your favorite game by From Software and why? Let us know in the comments below or on Facebook or Twitter.