Supergroupies Announce More Cool Magic: The Gathering Gear

Supergroupies Announce More Cool Magic: The Gathering Gear

Supergroupies is a fashion brand that partners with various video game and anime companies to produce collaborations and collections. Their portfolio for partnerships is outstanding as they’ve produced gear inspired by Cyberpunk, Assasssin’s Creed and much more. The company has now announced a new partnership to produce gear based on Magic: The Gathering. The collection includes made to order backpacks and windbreakers inspired by characters in the franchise such as Revane, Bolas and Lilliana Vess.

The Jace Beleren Windbreaker is made for everyday use and is based upon his clothing design. It has prints down the back and sleeve along with vivid original lining design. The concept is based upon his magical powers. Furthermore, the designers utilized lightweight material with insulation, zippered breast pocket and a stowable hood which makes it a perfect option for all!

Lilliana Vess’ Backpack is unique and clearly inspired by her necromantic arts. Furthermore, the front displays markings based on Lilliana’s face while the original lining design is based upon her necromancy. Moreover, the backpack has other features that are perfect for practicality such as side compression straps and a large external mesh pocket.

Fans can get their hands on the products on August 2022. Interested persons can pre-order them from March 11th to 27th. The backpack will cost $148 before tax while the windbreaker will cost $218 before tax.

Magic: The Gathering is a popular fantasy table-top and card game that has only grown in popularity over the years.

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SOURCE: Press Release