Gaming For Grown-Ups: Our Top 5 Naughty Nutaku.Net Games

The Top 5 Nutaku.Net Games

Gaming is for everyone and everyone has their own gaming preferences. So, it’s perfectly fair and acceptable that some of us gamers enjoy a bit of naughtiness in our games. Some folks want overly-sexualized eye candy designed to get the blood flowing in a variety of different directions. Fortunately, there are platforms online that cater specifically to this very niche and one of our favourite spots is Nutaku.Net. They have dozens and dozens of games, many of which are free-to-play, featuring in-your-face animated nudity. Even better, most games don’t even require an install and can be played right from your browser. In every case, you’ll be encouraged to spend Nutaku gold to unlock or speed up a variety of different elements in these games – and you’ll need to spend real-world money to get Nutaku gold. However, you can still find plenty of enjoyment without spending a dime. The choice is yours. To help you get started on your Nutaku journey, we’ve played a bunch of their games and now present you with our top 5 games.

5) Booty Calls

booty calls screenshot

Booty Calls, as the name would suggest, is all about getting laid. You’ll meet girls, ask them out on dates, buy them gifts, all with the hope of scoring. Your “date” is represented as a puzzle where you try and match as many of the same coloured orbs in one movement. If your date goes well, she might just text you a pic afterwards. All the girls are voice acted, which adds a nice touch to the overall presentation. The game has a relaxed beach vibe to it. Very chill, perfect for getting your groove on.

4) Boobs vs Aliens

boobs vs aliens screenshot

Of all the games on this list, Boobs vs Aliens is probably the most arcade-like of them all. Waves of (hot) aliens will approach you and you’ll need to blast them before they get too close. As you progress through the game, you’ll save various women who will aid you with their own weapons. It’s a bit like Plants vs Zombies, just way sexier.

3) Fap CEO

Fap CEO is the ultimate office fantasy one-clicker game. You run an office, hire beautiful ladies, and if you treat them right, they’ll send you dirty pics. There are even moments where you’ll have to click the women to satisfy them – which in turn boosts productivity. Like most clicker games, you’ll spend in-game money to upgrade all your assets, including the employees. My best piece of advice; don’t use this game as an operating model for any real-life business.

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