Top 10 Indie Video Games Arriving in 2022

The 10 Best Indie Games Coming in 2022

They may not always be made with the same budget, and they may not be as highly anticipated, but indie games can be even better than some AAA titles out. On top of that, a lot of indie games really focus on extremely important themes, like love, life, and death. Even if they aren’t dealing with heavy and meaningful themes, they often feature amazing soundtracks, badass combat mechanics, and captivating characters. Some, like Kena: Bridge of Spirits, go on to not only win awards but also become extremely popular with gamers worldwide. So what are some indie games to watch out for in 2022? There’s a bunch. In no particular order, let’s get into it.

Tunic (March 16, 2022)

Tunic is a cute isometric action game that features a little fox on a big journey. You’ll get to explore a world full of hostile creatures and you’ll have to face off against bosses along the way. All while collecting manual pages, discovering hidden treasure, and finding all the secrets the world holds. Tunic has cutesy graphics and a killer sound design from Power Up Audio, which is behind the sounds of Celeste and Subnautica. You’ll be drawn to the game for the art design and promise of adventure and you’ll stay because of all the fun you’ll have. Well, that and the fact it’s giving us some serious Zelda vibes.

Stray (2022)

In Stray, you’ll get to play as a cat who is sadly separated from his family. As you try and find your way home you’ll have to travel across the colorful, Cyberpunk-esque city, solving puzzles along the way. Be careful who you trust, though, because some of the robots and drones will help in your journey and some will just get in your way. As a cat lover, it seems pretty obvious why Stray makes the list here. But even with my love of cats aside, there’s no doubt this game is going to be a crazy good time.

Little Devil Inside (2022)

Little Devil Inside is a third-person action-adventure game set in the 19th century. Well, an alternate 19th century where a variety of monsters and other such creatures exist. Little Devil Inside features cinematic combat, complete with survival elements–all within an open-world setting. As a university professor, you’ve been hired to investigate and research paranormal activities. You’re the type of professor that has to gear up with a sword, shield, gun, bombs, and a grappling hook to do their research. Take part in spooky missions, explore the world, and try to survive all while completing your work assignments. It all seems a little odd, and maybe that’s part of the appeal.

Goodbye Volcano High (2022)

Though originally set to release last year, Goodbye Volcano High was delayed to sometime in 2022. This is to ensure it’s in tiptop shape at release. This game will take you through the halls of a dinosaur high school. It’s the last year of high school and graduation is right around the corner. But it doesn’t all go according to plan for 18-year-old Fang. Goodbye Volcano High features a cinematic, branching narrative that deals with the end of high school and what’s still to come. I’m not sure about you, but I was interested right from the dinosaur high school bit.

Venba (2022)

I don’t normally gravitate towards cooking games, but Venba has a rich narrative that definitely seems worth exploring. You’ll get to play as an Indian mom who immigrated to Canada in the 1980 without much more than her family and a recipe book. The recipe book is damaged on the way to Canada but the more you cook delicious meals, the stronger the bond to your home in India becomes. The world is beautifully designed and the branching conversations allow you to get to know the family through the mother’s view. All in all, Venba will give you all the feels from beginning to end.

Frank and Drake (Q2 2022)

Are you a fan of Frankenstein? What about Dracula? If you answered yes to either then you’re going to love Frank and Drake. It’s a turn-based intertwined dual narrative that offers a unique take on the classic novels of Frankenstein and Dracula. You’ll have to play Frank and Drake at different times of the day. As roommates, they only ever communicate through sticky notes since they can’t actually see each other. Explore the richly detailed universe of both of the main characters and make choices that will directly affect the options and choices the other character will have in the future. The 2D art style and animations fit perfectly with the unique story as well. Frank and Drake is sure to be interesting.

Dordogne (2022)

Dordogne is equal parts sad and sweet. It’s an adventure game where you play as Mimi, a 32-year-old visiting her deceased grandma’s house. The grandma has left letters and puzzles for Mimi to solve. To do so, she must get in touch with her childhood memories. It’s colorful and explores a simpler time. In order to complete the puzzles in the present, you’ll need to go back in time to ensure that 10-year-old Mimi completes her quests as well. Along the way, you’ll collect all types of photos and memories between Mimi and her grandma. Like I said, sad and sweet. But if you’re looking for some feel-good moments or even a good cry, Dordogne might just be the indie game for you.

Chinatown Detective Agency

What started as a Kickstarter project has turned into one of the highly anticipated indie games of 2022. One thing is for sure, Chinatown Detective Agency looks incredibly awesome. Neon lights and bright graffiti litter the walls of Singapore in 2032. Set in a world inspired by the likes of Black Mirror and Blade Runner, it’s your job to talk to a variety of characters and solve each and every mystery the game has to offer. You’ll manage your detective agency, solve cases, and maybe–just maybe–you can begin to unravel a global conspiracy. This cyber noir futuristic point-and-click adventure is something to get excited about, especially if you love to solve mysteries.

Spirit Swap: Lofi Beats to Match-3 (2022)

With match-3 games like Candy Crush Saga having taken over the world Spirit Swap: Lofi Beats to Match-3 looks to change up the genre with a bit of music. It’s a game to chill and relax with. Not every game has to have your complete focus 100% of the time. Some of them are just there to mellow out with. The main goal of the game is to beat levels by matching three or more of the same symbols in a row. You can cast spells and bond with witches or you can compete in a vs mode that may not be so chill. Hey, as long as the beats keep coming, it’s all fun and games here.

Bear and Breakfast (2022)

At some point in your life you’ve likely been to a Bed and Breakfast, right? Well, what about one run by a bear? Never? Now you can. Bear and Breakfast is a cute management adventure that’s super laid-back. You get to build and run a B&B, as a bear named Hank, in the middle of the woods. Players get to personalize each and every room within the inn and keeping tourists happy during their stay builds reputation. But there’s more to it than just maintaining the B&B as you can also explore the forest, finding secrets and completing quests for even more entertainment. If only this was available to play right now!

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