Level Zero: Extraction Unleashes Aliens in 2024

Human or Alien? Hunt or Survive? 

A story as old as sci-fi itself. Humans vs Aliens. Only this time, it’s getting a lot more interesting. As a human, light is your friend. Light the aliens up with brightness and then light them up with bullets. As an alien, your unique powers will help you hunt down, disorient, and eliminate these pathetic humans. Only one team will come out alive. Today, publisher tinyBuild and developer DogHowl Games are excited to announce their asymmetrical FPS, Level Zero: Extraction, is releasing in 2024. Inviting players to an extraction shooter, the game pits two teams against each other. Of course, one team is a squadron of human soldiers, while the other is vicious aliens. A new trailer gives players a glimpse of the game. 

Level Zero: Extraction

Level Zero: Extraction allows players to enter an immersive FPS where they will fight as and against alien foes. In fact, the game offers an asymmetrical experience where humans will need to use their equipment to shed light on and then kill the alien threat while extracting. On the other side, the alien players will use their biological prowess to hunt down and eliminate the humans. Interestingly, both teams have unique abilities and playstyles. For instance, the humans have weapons like rifles, shotguns, flamethrowers, grenades, motion sensors and more. While the aliens have abilities like, acid spit, EMP screeches, and the ability to crawl in vents.

Additionally, the game comes with a deep and unique levelling system that allows players to truly develop their own playstyle. A new trailer gives players a glimpse of Level Zero: extraction. Check it out below.

Level Zero: Extraction is releasing to PC via Steam in 2024. Additionally, March 15th heralds a closed-beta for the game.