Cat and Ghostly Road Gets Mysterious This March

A Feline Friend 

What if you had the power to stave off death. Venturing into a world of ghosts and demons to save the life of one dear to you. Only, in this journey, you are a cat. Yet, perhaps that is what is necessary for this adventure. Today, Indie publisher Sometimes You and Indie developer BOV are happy to announce the release date for their puzzle adventure, Cat and Ghostly Road. Introducing players to a stylized and sweet journey into the realms of death, players will take on the role of a spirit cat trying to save an old man from his demise. Importantly, the game combines both adventure and puzzle mechanics, using a character-driven quest system to provide a unique experience. A new trailer provides players with a glimpse of the game.

Cat and Ghostly Road

Cat and Ghostly Road invites players to a touching adventure from the perspective of a spirit cat. Importantly, players will venture to the realm of ghosts and demons in order to free an old man from the clutches of the demons. As the cat, players will meet new characters, solve puzzles, and unlock new abilities and mechanics. In fact, players can visit the “cat-girl” to develop their skills, customizing the way they play however they’d like. Additionally, the game is designed in such a way that no location is skippable. As such, players will be able to visit a myriad of different environments full of interesting characters.

Players can get a look at Cat and Ghostly Road in the release trailer. Check it out below.

Cat and Ghostly Road is releasing on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Microsoft Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and Nintendo Switch on 6th March 2024.