Genotype VR Survives Monstrosities Tomorrow

Using Organisms Against Themselves

Amidst the frozen wastes of Antarctica lies a research station. This station may or may not become your grave unless you can utilize the technology at your disposal. In fact, the creatures hunting you throughout this research base may be getting a taste of their own medicine. Today, Bolverk Games is happy to announce the release of their VR FPS, Genotype VR, to Steam. Releasing tomorrow, the game invites players to try their hand at genetic cloning, as they battle their way through a top secret research facility in Antarctica. Importantly, using technologically advanced gloves, players can copy and weaponize the very creatures hunting them. A new update trailer shows off the gameplay and style. 


Genotype VR introduces players to a unique FPS that utilizes monster fighting to survive. In fact, players will have access to special gloves that allow them to print and clone various monsters that they encounter. Importantly, these creatures don’t need to remain as you found them. Players will be able to upgrade their monsters to ensure that they can best any opposition. Additionally, players can find loot amidst the halls of the research lab that will allow them to further upgrade their monsters and gloves. Of course, during this adventure, players will have a guide. The last remaining human survivor aside from the players themselves, William.

Players can get a better look at Genotype VR in the newest update trailer. Check it out below.

Genotype VR will release tomorrow on PC via Steam.