Top 10 Games Showcased at The PC Gaming Show E3 2019

3. Starmancer

You are an AI. Your mission is to colonize and preserve life. Controlling every aspect of the command center, you’ll have an incredible amount of customization options at your fingertips including every finite detail of decor. As the population grows, you’ll need to meet their needs much like any other sim game. That is of course until you start to encounter other life – friend or foe. In the event of a catastrophic invasion by space pirates… well, you’ll just have to wait and see what happens. With anime-style sprites and an abundance of customization with fantastic detail, this looks to be a game with serious replayability.

2. Chivalry 2

They confirmed you could pick up a chicken and use it to beat someone to death. Do I need to say more? This first person medieval melee title has a revamped combat system, beautiful graphics, and looks to capture the majesty of big blockbuster movie battles at your command. With decapitation and severed limbs, its a brutal look at history as you pillage, murder, and destroy anyone who doesn’t see things your way. We only got a small taste of it this year but it’s sure to only get better without that pesky need to take care of yourself like Kingdom Come: Deliverance.


1. Midnight Ghost Hunt

Talk about taking an idea and making it better! Inspired by the Prop Hunt design from Garry’s Mod, Midnight Ghost Hunt is a 4 v 4 match of ghosts vs hunters in a cat-and-mouse game to the death. Ghosts can possess any object and fling them into the hunters to knock them out, while hunters have a number of devices to take down the spectres. Should the clock strike midnight, ALL ghosts will return to the battle as super-powered spirits and now the hunters must hide until evac arrives! Not only is it a great idea it is simply stunning to behold. It has so much replayability and creative options to be accessible for players of all skill levels and should most definitely be on everyone’s radar.


So that is our list. Any other games from the E3 2019 PC Gaming Show you think ought to have made the list? Let us know which one and why on Facebook, Twitter, or the Comments section below, and of course stick around to COGconnected during E3 for all things gaming!