Top 10 Games Showcased at The PC Gaming Show E3 2019

7. Valfaris

What an explosive reveal this one was! Pumping heavy metal music, devastating weaponry that could level a small building with each hit, energy weapons, and a take-no-prisoners attitude only rivaled by the Doom Slayer himself. Valfaris is a fast and brutal metroidvania title designed to get you pumped and screaming at your TV. It’s wild, high octane action, and is sure to be making headlines when it launches.


6. Last Oasis

This is an incredibly unique post-apocalyptic nomadic survival MMO that is brimming with potential. The PC Gaming Show gave us a look at gameplay as players worked together to operate a large mechanical harvester which came under attack from an opposing harvester, and while this battle raged players also fought on the ground in melee combat. There are so many questions from this short trailer as to what we can expect and the imagination starts to boil over at what a game like this could bring to the table upon release.


5. Cris Tales

Indie games are nothing if not creative and imaginative. In a world of ongoing franchises, you need a unique feature to stand out in a crowd. Cris Tales – revealed at the PC Gaming Show – not only has a crisp and wholly singular art style in its gameplay, but allows you to affect the past, present, and future simultaneously. How or why is yet to be discovered but footage implies all three time frames will be visible on screen at the same time. Be sure to stick around to COGconnected when we go hands on with the game for more info later this week.


4. Songs of Conquest

My personal favorite reveal of the show, Songs of Conquest is a love letter to the old fantasy strategy titles they simply don’t seem to make anymore. Built in the vein of the iconic Heroes of Might and Magic franchise, players will move around the map to collect loot and resources, enhance their base, and eliminate the enemy with a classic pixel art style to give it that retro flare and complete the ensemble of nostalgic strategy gaming.