For The Love of LABO – The Top Five LABO Minigames

The Top Five LABO Minigames

It’s been just over a month since Nintendo launched the Nintendo LABO Variety Kit and Robot Kit for the Nintendo Switch. I had the pleasure of reviewing both products. Of the two, I found the Variety Kit was a bit more enjoyable than the Robot Kit, but both still had some worthwhile features. The process of putting each cardboard creation together was just a matter of following the on-screen directions. None of the projects were overly complex, but some of them were pretty time-consuming. Once built, all that is left to do is enjoy the included minigames. Some of the minigames were duds, others were winners. For this list, I’m presenting the top five LABO minigames. I picked these five as they either had a decent amount of content, excellent usage of the cardboard creations, addicting fun gameplay, or a combination of all three of these attributes.

House (Variety Kit)

Nintendo LABO - Variety Pack - House - Article Prime-min

Okay, okay, so if you read my review of Nintendo LABO Variety Kit, I called the House minigame a dud. I’m willing to admit now that I may have been premature in that assessment. Since writing the review, I’ve spent more time with the LABO and the minigames and I’ve found some added depth in House that I didn’t notice before. First of all, it’s easily the cutest and funniest of all the minigames. The little creature that lives in the house is quite animated while you put it through a whole assortment of situations. The house comes with three knobs (a button, a switch, and a crank) that are inserted into the house sides and bottom. Each knob will insert a different item into the world. For example, insert the switch to the side of the house and a faucet appears that you can turn on and fill the house with water. Different combinations will result in a variety of different items and rooms appearing. There are minigames to play, such as bowling, if you can find the right knob combination. I appreciate the attention to detail here too. For example, if you can get the creature to go to sleep at night time, and patiently wait… well, I won’t spoil the surprise here, but it’s definitely a creepy littl moment.

Studio (Variety Kit)

Nintendo LABO - Variety Pack - Toy Piano - Article-min

Studio is one of the two minigames that utilize the Toy Piano. While it is not so much of a game as it is a unique app, the reason it deserves a place on this list is the sheer amount of potential it has for those that are so inclined. For the below-average musician like myself, you’ll get a kick out of tickling the keys and toying with the fun sound variations. For those talented musicians in the world, the potential is limited to your own imagination and talent. To really convey that potential, check out our news piece on Game of Thrones composer Ramin Djawadi who recreated the Game of Thrones opening theme just using Studio. It really is incredible and I can’t wait to see if more musicians strut their LABO stuff.

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