Former Witcher Co-Developers Form New Studio: Rebel Wolves

A New Wolf Pack 

A new pack of wolves has come to the video game development scene, and they are bringing a whole lot of skills with them. Rebel Wolves is a new studio a group of industry veterans are bringing to life. The studio team are former Witcher and Cyberpunk co-developers from CD Projekt Red. And Rebel Wolves, is setting out with one goal in mind: bring gamers a next gen RPG. 

“We’re developing a video game we’d like to play in a way that games should be made.” Says, Rebel Wolves CEO and Game Director, Konrad Tomaszkiewicz. 

Tomaszkiewicz was the game director of the Witcher 3: Wild Hunt and Cyberpunk 2077. With similar ambitions Rebel Wolves, under Tomaszkiewicz, aims to build vivid worlds for players to enjoy. In addition to the skills, brought with the team from previous projects, Rebel Wolves has the vision. 

Rebel Wolves Announcment

“Collectively, we envision Rebel Wolves as a place where experienced game developers can reignite their passion, where they can focus on their craft and pour their love into an amazing, ambitious title.” Says Tomaszkiewicz in the Rebel Wolves announcement release. 

Additionally, the announcement gives us a glimpse of what the Wolves have in store. Basically Rebel Wolves is developing a AAA story-driven RPG. Of course, they are designing the game for next-gen consoles and PC. Moreover with titles like the Witcher 3 and Shadow Warrior 2 under the team’s belt their announcement exudes confidence. 

“We’re industry veterans, but we’re hungry for more. We want to create amazing virtual worlds, filled to the brim with powerful emotions and unique experiences.” Says the announcement.

As of right now any additional details about their project is under wraps. However the announcement assures gamers that more information will be coming soon and that it’s worth the wait. The info will most likely be available on Rebel Wolves website. What are you expecting from this team of industry veterans? Do you expect big things from Rebel Wolves? 

SOURCE: Press Release