CD PROJEKT RED Releases Witcher Cookbook

Cook Like a Witcher

Steel spoon for humans, silver for monsters? It’s time to get cooking like the Witcher you are. With recipes from all over the continent, fans of the iconic Witcher series can eat like they are from the games. That’s right, CD PROJEKT RED, Nerds’ Kitchen Creations, and Penguin Random House have released a brand new Witcher Cookbook. The cookbook, titled “The Official Witcher Cookbook”, allows fans to immerse themselves in the world of the games through cuisine and narrator tales. Of course, a press release provides more details on the book. 

The Witcher Cookbook

The Official Witcher Cookbook is a collection of recipes and narrative notes. Importantly, the book itself contains 80 different recipes and 256 pages, many with beautiful illustrations. Additionally, the book also contains a forward by the author and creator of the book series Andrzej Sapkowski. The book is also a lore lover’s dream as it adds in-depth notes about the unique regions that make up the dark world of the series as well as the locations Geralt of Rivia visits in the series. 

In addition to the various recipes players can enjoy, the book contains writings of a fictional narrator’s travels and discoveries of regional cuisine. Of course, this addition serves to add even more depth to the book. Fans can now, not only, craft recipes that reflect the world of The Witcher but also learn more about it as they go.

The Official Witcher Cookbook is available at major retailers and through Penguin Random House. The book is currently available for purchase.