Victory at Sea Atlantic Has Added Six New Legendary Ships

The Battle Has Started in Victory at Sea Atlantic

Evil Twin Artworks have added six new iconic ships in their upcoming game Victory at Sea Atlantic. All of these vessels have their own unique history and strategic significance in naval warfare. They will surely turn the tides of every battle in the game.

Victory at Sea Atlantic

Let’s take a look at each one of them:

Admiral Hipper:

It is a heavy cruiser known for its great speed and versatility. Use this formidable warship to command the seas and engage in epic naval battles.

Emile Bertin:

Emile Bertin is a sleek and elegant French light cruiser that brings a touch of finesse to the fleet. It is speedy and promises to outmaneuver and outgun adversaries.


This U.S. Navy gunboat may be small in size but packs a mighty punch. Get ready for daring maneuvers and intense battles as you navigate the seas with this powerhouse.

Graf Zeppelin:

The Graf Zeppelin is a German aircraft carrier that dominates both sea and air. Use it to launch planes and establish air superiority in the game.

Queen Elizabeth:

The Queen Elizabeth is a majestic symbol of naval prowess and class. Not stopping at its WWI version, the game will unveil the refitted versions from WWII, bringing royal might to the high seas.


The legendary British battleship, Warspite, enters the fray with a storied history. Command this vessel and rewrite naval history in battles of epic proportions.

About the game:

Victory at Sea Atlantic is a strategic naval warfare game that takes you to the tumultuous waters of the Atlantic during World War II. You will command your won fleet and engage in epic sea battles with a vast array of ships, planes, and submarines, each with its own unique strengths and weaknesses. The game is currently in early access on Steam right now.