Space For Sale Releases 11th Developer Diary Focusing on Co-Op

Talking Partnership

Oftentimes a concept introduced before a game’s release requires a bit more attention. Especially when that concept allows players to trek across a solar system with a friend, selling real estate. Today, THQ Nordic and Mirage Game Studios released the 11th developer diary for their upcoming adventure game, Space For Sale. The developer diary, titled “Working Together”, focuses on the co-op gameplay of the game. Importantly, the diary picks up where the recent co-op trailer left off. In addition to the developer diary, a press release provides more details on the game. 

Space For Sale

Space For Sale allows players to become intergalactic property developers. Importantly, players will be exploring uncharted worlds and serving an eccentric clientele of alien lifeforms. However, players don’t have to do it alone. The game supports online co-op gameplay in which a player and their friend are able to work together to cultivate the perfect residence for their clients. Of course, this means that the pair of intergalactic real estate moguls will need to develop the land in different and unique ways to meet demands and interact with the flora and fauna of the different worlds. 

Interestingly, the new developer diary provides in-depth info about Space For Sale’s co-op gameplay. Check out the new developer diary below as it covers everything you need to know about selling worlds to aliens. 

Space For Sale is currently in development. It will be released for PC via Steam. So, do you have a friend in mind for your intergalactic real-estate adventure?