Jackbox Party Pack 9 Has Officially Released On Multiple Platforms

Jackbox Party Pack 9 Has Officially Released On Multiple Platforms

Jackbox Games is a developer and publisher of various party games and minigames that are perfect for friends and families. The games can be played through various means and there are a ton of options! The company has officially released Jackbox Party Pack 9 on PlayStation, Xbox, Switch and PC. Furthermore, other options include Mac App Store, Apple TV, Fire TV and Amazon Luna. It is available for $29.99USD and adds five more unique games to the library. Interested fans can get their hands on the game here.

Players will have access to five new games including Fibbage 4, Quixort, Junktopia, Nonsensory and Roomerang. In Fibbage 4, players can continue to have fun with one of the more popular minigames while in Quixort, players must work with their team to sort answers into the proper order. Additionally, in Junktopia, players must create weird backstories while in Nonsensory, players must draw, guess and write to victory. Finally, in Roomerang, players will channel their reality TV star to come out on top.

Moreover, the developers have stated that the game can be played on phones, tablets and computers by connecting devices. Also, the team has introduced other new features to the title such as player kicking and a QR-code login, which was highly requested. The developers will also release a localization patch by December 2022 which will allow for more languages such as German, Spanish, French and Italian.

What are your thoughts on Jackbox Games? Do you enjoy the series? What games are your favorite thus far? Are you interested in the release of Jackbox Party Pack 9? Which minigame in the title are you most interested in? What platform do you play the game on? Let us know in the comments below or on Twitter and Facebook.

SOURCE: Press Release