Battlefield 2042 Will Have Persistent Servers In Upcoming Patch

Battlefield 2042 Will Have Persistent Servers In Upcoming Patch 

Electronic Arts and DICE released Battlefield 2042, the latest iteration in an iconic franchise, in late 2021. Despite a ton of hype, the game released to much disappointment by fans. However, the developers have poured a ton of content into the game to turn it around. Today, the team has announced that it intends to release Persistent Servers as part of the upcoming #2.2 Game Update. The game is available on PC, Xbox and PlayStation platforms.

battlefield 2042 devs learned valuable lessons

The developers have created the feature to allow creators and community leaders to grow and nurture their communities within the Battlefield portal. A persistent server remains visible in the server browser regardless of its active player count and can be kept as a favorite server by the community members. Furthermore, owners of the battle pass can create the servers. Additionally, owners will be able to keep a server for seven days, but the developers may increase the rate based on feedback.

Moreover, the server owners will have a lot of functionality for the server including cross play, password protection, welcome messages and admin features for the Host.

In Battlefield 2042, players will head into a unique experience across various game modes in first person shooter action. The possibilities are endless and the developers are looking forward to #2.2 Game Update as it will introduce more content. Despite its unfortunate release, it is clear that DICE has not given up on the title and players can expect more content in the future.

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