Guild War’s 2 Studio Update Discusses Upcoming Content and Plans

Guild War’s 2 Studio Update Discusses Upcoming Content and Plans

Guild Wars 2 is a very popular MMORPG that has seen a revival recently. Its latest expansion, End of Dragons, released in early 2022 and fans were happy with the product. Today, Arenanet has released a Studio Update where it discusses some upcoming plans and content for the game. Interested fans can try the game for free and purchase End of Dragons here.

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Cameron Rich, Lead Systems Designer, stated that the team is working on improving strike missions. The team will be introducing new rewards for the normal and challenge mode including new high-end rewards. Players can look forward to a stable version of strike missions on June 28th. Additionally, the team is aiming at ‘strengthening the core’. Some of the intended changes include adjusting cursor contrast modes and to the repair mechanic.

Additionally, fans of PVE will be happy to hear that raid accessibility will be improved. The developers will be breaking down the barrier of entry by using the Emboldened System which will ramp up player stats after each death. Furthermore, the team will be making changes to the Looking For Group mechanics.

Moreover, in terms of professions, each class will be given a gift in June. Solar, Lead Skills and Balance Designer for the game, stated that the team is working on making adjustments to banners, fury and key boons. Interested fans can look forward to full patch notes for more details on profession changes in the upcoming update.

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