Don’t Sweat Going Back to School, We’ve Got You Covered

Going Back in Style

Going back to school can be a bummer. We know. But if you’re feeling blue about all of the upcoming early mornings, tests, and crippling pressure from your parents to perform at a level they couldn’t have dreamed of, we’re here for you. Below you’ll find a slew of the hottest items to keep you entertained and looking fresh no matter the situation.

Kainé MODEL Wristwatch NieR Gestalt/Replicant

If you plan on graduating this year, you’re going to need to get to class on time. Thankfully, our friends at Super Groupies have you covered. Trevor Houston and I recently had the pleasure of going hands-on with both the black and blue versions of the Kainé NieR wristwatches, and we absolutely loved them. Combining a stylish, low-profile look with one of gaming’s best franchises is a recipe for success, and this timepiece proves it.

Solid Snake Model METAL GEAR SOLID Backpack

Surely that raggedy old thing you’ve been lugging around on your shoulder needs an upgrade? And surely you want to pay your respects to the man, the myth, the legend himself, Solid Snake, right? Good. You can start with this sweet MGS-themed backpack, also from the minds at Super Groupies. With a design meant to mimic Snake’s sneaking suit, you’ll have no trouble at all dodging teachers to go smoke cigarettes behind the gymnasium.

K.K. Slider World Tour T-Shirt

Animal Crossing: New Horizons took the world by storm during the height of COVID. You played it. Your friends played it. Everyone played it. And now you have a chance to show off your love for 2020’s “pandemic game of the year” with this slick K.K. Slider World Tour t-shirt!

A big shoutout to the brilliant mind that came up with the idea to have K.K.’s extensive touring schedule listed on the back.

Steel Series Arctis Prime Gaming Headset

A nice pair of cans to bump ‘lo-fi hip hop beats to relax or study’ to has become a necessity for students around the world. The Arctis Prime Gaming Headset offers an affordable way to do just that without skimping on the noise cancellation. Plus, they’re extremely comfortable, making them a perfect pair of headphones to get you through long nights of studying.

Marsback Zephyr Pro

Here’s a scenario: It’s three o’clock in the morning, and Mrs. Finegold’s English paper is due in six hours. Your complete lack of preparation has made you a sweaty mess, so much so that your mouse fries from the inordinate amount of liquid dripping off your palm. Sounds awful, right?

Enter the Marsback Zephyr Pro. This unique, affordable gaming mouse is built with an internal fan to help keep you cool during the most intense moments. It also sports various options for macros, keybindings, and RGB settings to allow complete customization.

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