Marsback Zephyr Pro Review – His Palms Are Sweaty

Marsback Zephyr Pro Review

The Marsback Zephyr Pro is going to be a difficult device to score. On the one hand, it’s an attractive, customizable mouse that works as well as I could have hoped a mouse would. On the other hand, the main selling point of the unit – an RGB-lit fan that deliverers a blast of cool air to your disgustingly moist palm – has left nearly too much to be desired.

When I say the Zephyr Pro’s traditional functions work exceedingly well, I really do mean it. The base glides effortlessly across a mousepad, and the shape contours perfectly to my hand. Each click feels responsive, regardless of which one of the six buttons are being pressed. And the RGB effects make my desk pop that much more. That’s all fine and dandy. In fact, compared to any other mouse in the Zephyr Pro’s $59.00 price range, you’d be hard-pressed to find one that operates as flawlessly Marsback’s does.

But we didn’t come for the sizzle – we came for the steak. And the meat of the Zephyr Pro very much should have been its RGB-lit fan. And so it pains me to say that I don’t think I’ve ever seen such an unnecessary gimmick in my life. I might be more inclined to appreciate its purpose if it worked as advertised, though the fact of the matter is I can barely feel air blowing on my palm at its highest speed.

Be Quiet

In addition, Marsback is advertising the mouse as being nearly vibrationless and silent. Maybe I have a different understanding of what these words mean, but not only does the device make plenty of noise, but I can’t tell you the number of times over the past two weeks that I’ve thought my phone was vibrating only to find the culprit was the Zephyr Pro.

On the technical side of things, the Pixart 3389 sensor is capable of 400 IPS across the 100 to 16,000 DPI range for precise movements and consistent performance. High-quality OMRON switches have much to do with the Zephyr Pro’s previously mentioned superb clicking functionality, providing up to 50 million clicks before the end of its life cycle. And with a maximum acceleration of 50 G and a polling rate of 1000hz, this genuinely is a mouse that even professionals would like, earning itself the “pro” moniker.

To make adjustments to all these settings, you’ll need the Marsback Zephyr Pro software. This powerful hub is a tool used to fully customize every aspect of your new mouse. Here you’ll be able to tinker with everything from your DPI settings, macros, remappings, and everything in between. As the technology in peripherals has advanced, you must appreciate that as much care and attention goes into the software as the devices themselves.

Lights, Camera, Action

Also, for someone such as myself that tends to mark out over anything RGB, the Zephyr Pro software is a dream come true. You’ll be able to assign different profiles to the mouse, each one of them capable of utilizing any number of the settings available to you. Options such as color time, neon levels, pulsation intensity, and so much more will provide anyone with customization in mind with everything they need.

I’ve enjoyed my time with the Marsback Zephyr Pro, and I’ll continue to do so. Sure, I was excited to receive the device, and maybe even more so disappointed when I found out how lacking the fan’s performance is. Rumors are floating about that Marsback is geared up to release a version with higher RPM than what’s on the market now (which would be a tremendously welcome addition), but that remains to be seen. Until then, I suppose we’ll have to continue to suffer from swamp-like palms.

***A review unit was provided by the manufacturer for this review***

The Good

• RGB Settings
• Nice Contour
• Price


The Bad

• Fan Barely Works
• Vibrates Quite a Bit
• Noisier Than Expected