NieR Replicant’s Beautiful Timepiece Needs to Be on Your Wrist

NieR Replicant Wristwatch (Blue) Impressions

If it’s time to get a watch, our friends at SuperGroupies have you covered. Over the last two weeks, I’ve had the pleasure of running my spiffy, new NieR Replicant wristwatch through the wringer. And after putting it to the test under several different conditions, I can safely say that this will be a timepiece I’m able to wear for a long, long time.

If you haven’t already checked out Trevor Houston’s impressions of the NieR Replicant wristwatch, be sure to pop over and take a look. He had the chance to review the black version while I received the blue, and you’ll want to ensure you give them both a thorough examination, as the faces are quite different. Both are gorgeous, but for my money, the blue pops off the wrist just a bit more.

It isn’t just the color that makes this watch so beautiful, either. It’s the way in which SuperGroupies subtlety makes use of NieR’s lore to personalize the face. Engraved patterns inspired by the Black Scrawl give way to a classy metallic ring based on Kainé’s lace outfit. In addition, the central chronograph second-hand, along with the 24-hour and 60-minute subdials, pulls everything together to deliver a watch that is attractive and unique, without ever calling attention to its source material.

Subtle Brilliance

Truthfully, that’s where the NieR Replicant wristwatch shines brightest. I’ve said in prior product reviews that far too often, video game apparel is needlessly gaudy. Bright colors and loud, vibrant images that leave nothing up to the imagination are generally what you’ll find on a Mario-themed shirt or a Zelda-themed hat, for example. But SuperGroupies have made the wise decision not to shoehorn themselves into producing a line of products that appeal only to a particular group of people.

The brilliance of the design is in the fact that you would never know it’s related to a video game. The only branding appears on the back, and even then, you’d have to know the property to ascertain the watch’s origins. I’ll be wearing this timepiece for years to come, and that mostly has to do with SuperGroupie’s choice to design it with adults in mind.

Then again, I suppose the price should have been an indicator of that. Not that roughly $200 is insane for a watch; it’s just that I can’t recall the last time I spent even $20 on a piece of gaming attire. And sure, you may be paying for the branding, but under the hood, you’re also getting a surprisingly well-built unit.

A Japanese quartz movement system will keep your NieR Replicant ticking long into the future, and its clean, stainless steel body is water-resistant up to about 300 feet. Of course, you wouldn’t want to be submerging the genuine cow leather strap, but it’s nice to know that this watch will go whenever and wherever you do.

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