5 Things We Appreciate About Halo: Infinite Multiplayer… So Far

We Got Lucky This Weekend, Did You?

This weekend was the first Halo Infinite Multiplayer flight and the first few hours didn’t exactly go as planned, with server and website crashes, lots of disappointed fanboys and girls, and a small smattering of vitriol tossed around on social media.

We say, turn that frown upside down! We’ve been playing Halo Infinite, and we’d just like to point out some things that we can all feel appreciative about. So, grab your attitude of gratitude and read on.

5. Bots! 

That’s right, Halo has bots! And what’s more, those bots are finely engineered to make even the oldest, slowest, least-competent Halo newb feel like an eSports superstar. We’ve played a ton of 4v4 bot matches (I mean, that’s all there is to do) and we must be pretty good because those bots often just stand in awe of our prowess, begging for a life-ending headshot and the chance to rise again. Please, sir, may I have another, indeed.

4. Free Money! 

This weekend, everyone fortunate enough to snag a seat at Master Chief’s table was bestowed with several thousand Halo Bucks (note, I don’t know what they’re actually called) to spend in the Battle Pass store. It gave everyone a sneaky peak at the variety of cool cosmetics that will be available when the game goes live. It’s a little like when your grandpa gives you five dollars to spend on candy. Except that grandpa probably didn’t use an algorithm to track what you touched with your grubby little hands.

3. Guns! 

Halo Infinite has a LOT of guns, and it knows that we want to play with them in a safe and non-competitive virtual environment, so the kindly folks at 343 created the Weapon Drills, where we can try all the new (and returning) toys and not worry about embarrassing ourselves. Except when we get a one-star rating. Because we suck. In case you’re wondering if your personal favorite is returning, it probably is. Some new and old weapons are the Assault Rifle, the Battle Rifle, the SPNKR, the Needler, the Groaner, the Can of Worms, the Red Sparkler, the Plasma Rifle and the Hammershock Spikedriver. Some of those might be made up.

2. It Feels Old! (In a good way)

There’s something about Halo: Infinite’s gameplay that harkens back to the beloved first trilogy. Maybe it’s the speed or simplicity, or the classic weapons, or maybe we’ve just forgotten how Halo’s combat feels, we just know that as soon as we started playing we thought, “Yup, this is Halo all right.”

1. It Exists!

Lots of people have been waiting for this system-selling game with anticipation bordering on the pathological, so let’s breathe a sigh of relief that it’s almost here and it’s going to be (probably!) great. And while we wish the launch or preview or teaser or flight had gone a little smoother, we also know that 343 Industries is working hard to fix the problems and make a game that will keep the franchise going strong. Despite the issues, it’s great to spend a few hours playing just a little of the game that we’ll all be immersed in come the holidays.

Thank you for keeping it locked on COGconnected.

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