Holiday 2019 Gift Guide: Best Gaming Headsets For Any Budget

Let’s continue our look at audio bliss with even more amazing headsets – including the headset we recommend the most, assuming price isn’t an issue.

LucidSound LS25 eSports Headset

Lucidsound LS25 - Article-min

The LS25 promises high-quality sound through its pair of 50mm speakers, and their large size and thick cushioned ear cups do their part by delivering effective noise cancellation. When wearing the headset, I found that extraneous ambient noise was blocked out quite well, allowing for a high level of immersion during gaming.

Perfect for: Gaming on all platforms including Xbox One, PC, PS4 and Switch

Budget: Under $100

Buy the headset HERE on Amazon

LucidSound LS41 Headset

Lucidsound - LS41 - Article Prime-min

The 7.1 DTS surround sound is awesome. The bass and overall clarity is excellent. I played some F1 2019, God of War and Red Dead 2. All three games sounded incredible. Everything from revving engines of the F1 cars to Kratos demolishing enemies with his axe, the LS41 delivered in the sound department. The deep bass and clear highs made for audio experience that fully immerses you into the game.”

Perfect for: Xbox One and PS4 gamers

Budget: Under $200

Buy the headset HERE on Amazon

LucidSound LS35X Headset

lucidsound ls35x

The LS35X sports a surprisingly light frame that not only has quite the plush cushioning for resting on the top of your head, but a heat and sweat-resistant, gel cooled extra plush material that makes up the oversized earcups. This means that not only did I not feel warm, sweaty, or gross, but that my entire ear fit nicely within the cup so I didn’t feel it pressing against the side of my head.

Perfect for: Xbox One and PC gamers

Budget: Under $200

Buy the headset HERE on Amazon

Turtle Beach Recon Spark Headset

turtle beach recon spark headset hero

The Recon Spark offers a lag free versatile experience, compatible with all platforms, complete with fast response time for every game you play. It doesn’t offer all of that fancy technological mumbo jumbo, opting instead to keep things simple. And boy does it do simplicity well.

Perfect for: gamers on all platforms that prefer a very simple headset experience, gamers with glasses.

Budget: Under $100

Buy the headset HERE on Amazon

Astro A50’s

astro a50

I played both the Modern Warfare beta, and Fortnite. In each instance, I could hear every little footstep and gunshot in the distance crystal clear. The stunning Dolby Audio delivers cinematic high-resolution gaming audio for an immersive gaming experience. You can hear distinct sounds with the A50’s from the front, center and rear speakers. All with incredible accuracy as each sound was exactly where it was supposed to be with crystal clear audio clarity.

Perfect for: PS4, Xbox One and PC gamers.

Note: there are two different versions of this amazing headset; one for Xbox One/PC and one for PS4/PC gaming. Be sure to grab the right model when buying this gift.

Budget: Under $400

Buy the headset HERE on Amazon

And that concludes our look at the best headsets available on the market this year. If budget isn’t an issue, the Astro A50’s are the absolute must-have headsets in gaming today. Looking for more great gift ideas? Check out our COGconnected’s Holiday 2019 Xbox One Gift Guide for the Xbox One gamers in your life!