Turtle Beach Revs Up With VELOCITYONE RACE Controller

Shifting Gears 

Racing sims give players the feeling of an adrenaline fueled race without any of the dangers. Of course, controllers go to a great length to immerse players in their respective experiences. Yet, now that immersion is going to the next level. Today, Turtle Beach is excited to announce the new addition to their line of gaming simulation gear, the VelocityOne Race. Introducing players to a new wheel and pedal system, the controller allows players to feel completely immersed in their races. Of course, the controller comes with a host  technology to deliver an authentic driving experience. Importantly, a new debut video gives gamers a look at the controller.

Turtle Beach

“Our VelocityOne gaming simulation products have already dominated the flight sim accessory market, and we’re excited to expand Turtle Beach’s catalog further by bringing this same level of ultra-realism and premium simulation performance to the world of racing,” Says  Cris Keirn, Interim CEO and SVP of Global Sales, Turtle Beach Corporation, in a press release. 

Interestingly, the Turtle Beach VelocityOne Race  custom K: Drive motor that delivers extremely realistic response while still maintaining smooth driving. Additionally, the three aluminum pedals at players’ feet include load-cell brakes simulate true-to-life braking performance. Furthermore, the wheel allows for complete customizable control schemes alongside its stitched leather feel for realistic comfort. Beyond this, two additional analog paddles with magnetic Hall Effect sensors players can experience precise clutch and handbrake control. Of course, players can get a look at the new controller in the debut video. Check it out below.

Pre-orders for Turtle Beach’s VelocityOne Race are available now here. Pre-orders start at $649.99. The controller will launch to retailers on February 26, 2024.