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Turtle Beach Stealth Ultra Controller Review

Every time I check out a new pro or premium controller I cannot help but compare it to the Xbox Elite controller. In my mind, the Elite controller stands as the king of all gamepads. It checks all the boxes with those interchangeable thumbsticks, stunning premium design, feels fantastic, and has all the customization options you’ll need. Yet it’s expensive and let’s face it, not everyone needs that kind of a high-end controller. Turtle Beach recently launched its premium pro controller which checks a lot of those same boxes and it’s a bit cheaper. Turtle Beach’s new Stealth Ultra controller is a slick gamepad with a plethora of cutting-edge features. While it won’t replace my Elite any time soon, I am certainly impressed with almost everything this controller has to offer.

Out of the box, the Stealth Ultra screams premium product. In addition to the eye-popping controller, it comes equipped with a hardshell travel case with a built-in slot for charging, a low-profile charging cradle, USB dongle for wireless connectivity, and extra thumstick caps.

The controller certainly looks and feels expensive. It has an ergonomic shape and is comfortable in my hands. The rubber grips don’t feel as grippy as the Elite’s but they certainly do the job and my hands didn’t get sweaty, which is likely due to the micro-cooling channels. It is well built and appears durable too despite it weighing less than the Elite controller. The thumbsticks do not detach but we do get those two extra sets of domed thumbstick caps which allows you to tailor the controller to your preferences. The caps themselves? Well, they are nothing to write home about.

Fancy Schmancy

The star of the show; however, is the Stealth Ultra’s integrated 1.5” full-color “Connected Command Display”. I have never experienced anything like this on a controller and it is super cool. It acts as a dashboard that provides a centralized hub for customization. You can adjust the button mapping, thumbstick response, dead zones, vibration intensity, game and chat audio, and power settings. You can also tweak the RGB colors on the controller, your social media notifications, and low battery warnings. You can also create and manage your profiles on the Command Display. It is quite easily the best aspect of the controller.

Connectivity; however, wasn’t as much of a breeze as I thought it would be. The start guide makes no mention of having to plug the USB dongle into my Xbox. At least, it wasn’t clear in the guide. So I found myself fiddling around and researching online how to get the controller to pair with my Xbox. I was hoping the controller would pair with the Xbox without a dongle. Sadly, you cannot do that. You need the dongle. Fortunately, the dongle does plug into the charging dock, so you don’t have to tie up two USB ports on your Xbox.

Performance-wise, Stealth Ultra delivers. Granted, the D-Pad, thumbsticks, and buttons feel slightly different than most controllers which is likely due to its magnetic contactless sensors. It takes some getting used to but there is no question the controls are accurate and responsive. Everything works as it should. The triggers are adjustable too. The adjustable short and long-pull triggers are perfect for shooter fans and the four mappable buttons on the back allow you to further configure your control preferences.

Long Lasting 

Like other controllers on the market, the dual-rumble motors provide some nice feedback, and you can adjust it through the Connected Command Display. The controller’s high-speed charge dock offers convenience and a nice spot to store your controller in between gaming sessions. The battery life is impressive too. The charging dock provides up to 30 hours of wireless usage and fully recharges in just 2 hours.

True to Turtle Beach’s legacy of delivering rock-solid audio experiences, the Stealth Ultra includes some audio features. Using the 3.5mm jack you can adjust audio features, including Superhuman Hearing, EQ audio presets, game and chat volume mix, and mic monitoring. A nice little inclusion. Unfortunately, at time of writing, wireless headsets do not connect to your controller.

There is also a Control Center 2 companion app for adjusting settings on Xbox, Windows PCs, Android, and iOS devices. This merely adds another layer of convenience.

In many ways, the Turtle Beach Stealth Ultra Controller lives up to its hype, delivering an experience that goes beyond expectations. Its innovative color screen Comman Center is a game changer. Not to mention all the customizable options, its premium build quality, and compatibility across multiple platforms make this controller a can’t-miss option for those looking for a new gamepad. While the $199.99 USD price tag may be on the higher side, it is cheaper than the Elite and the Stealth Ultra justifies its cost with a plethora of features that rival any pro controller on the market. If you’re looking to seriously invest in your controller game, the Stealth Ultra is a fantastic option.

***Controller was provided for COG for the purpose of this review***

The Good

  • Slick design
  • Command Center is pretty awesome
  • Beautiful case
  • Cheaper than the Elite

The Bad

  • Need USB dongle for wireless play
  • Not exactly affordable
  • No replaceable thumbsticks
  • You can’t map everything