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Vulcan II TKL Pro Keyboard Review

I have used quite a few keyboards, both for work and gaming, over the last decade and the Vulcan II TKL Pro Keyboard stands out amongst the crowd. Turtle Beach has truly outdone themselves with this one. It’s extremely eye-catching, boasts incredible customization, and performs like a dream. It’s not quite perfect, but it’s pretty dang close. Let’s get into it.

The image on the box really doesn’t do the Vulcan II TKL Pro justice. It’s dynamite even before you plug it in. It comes in both black and white, though I reviewed the white version. The top of the keyboard features thin white keys and an anodized aluminum top plate. It’s got a thick white plastic base and 4 grey silicone bumpers, in addition to the 2 dual-height kickstand feet. All of this means it’s not only pretty, but also insanely sturdy. Once you plug it in, game over. You’re going to fall in love with the RGB light show. The thin keys are the perfect design choice here in order to increase the color pop below. Whether you’re looking at it from the top or from the sides, the Vulcan II TKL Pro is a stunner.

The Ultimate Desk Centerpiece

The Vulcan II TKL Pro comes with a 5”9 braided type C cord that plugs into the top left side, a quick setup guide, and a soft foam wrist rest for added comfort. This wrist rest is not detachable, but it is indeed comfortable and makes those long gaming sessions easier than ever. Unless you use the number pad frequently, you won’t even miss it. Especially since there’s still all the function keys, insert (and related) keys and a volume dial with a click to mute option. Since it’s a tenkeyless keyboard, it’s also lightweight and compact. Meaning that while it definitely looks great as the centerpiece on any desk, it can also be easily taken on-the-go as well.

It’s versatile in more ways than one however. The Vulcan II TKL Pro is also incredibly customizable. Though the thin keycaps are the perfect design here, if you’re looking to change this up the Vulcan II is compatible with 3rd party keycaps too. That’s just the beginning of the customization! While this keyboard comes with 5 preset modes which you can easily switch between at any time, the Swarm II software is the star of the show here. It might not be perfect, with a few occasional glitches and shutdowns while using it, this software allows for a ton of different key settings. You might not be used to some with your average keyboard.

Swarm II Software Shines Bright

So what exactly can this Swarm II software help you customize on the Vulcan II TKL Pro? Well, pretty much everything. It’s fantastic software and easily brings this keyboard well above its price point. The user interface is simple and the settings are easy to customize. In fact, it’ll walk you through everything the very first time you use it! You can change the RGB light settings from the default AIMO to heartbeat or custom. There are some more options too, and all of them are just a click away from being able to switch their settings as well. If bright lights aren’t for you, the brightness can be adjusted too. These light settings can also be changed all together, just the ASWD keys, just the arrow keys, or even just the function keys. It’s incredible.

But it’s not just about the lights, though that is definitely the most fun. You can also choose between actuation settings – between 0.1 to 4.0 mm. Keep in mind that the smaller the number, the more sensitive the keys are. The Vulcan II TKL Pro features analog hall effect switches so it’s extra sensitive to all keystrokes. And if you’re just beginning to use keyboard and mouse, or if you’re a frequent console gamer there’s also a controller emulator setting. You can also add macros, customize each individual key for quick keys to assist when playing particular games. Set one profile for action RPGs, and one for first-person shooters and switch between them effortlessly. There’s not a whole lot the Vulcan II TKL Pro can’t do.

If you’re expecting big oomph or a thockiness when typing, you’re going to be disappointed. The Vulcan II TKL Pro is actually one of the quietest keyboards I’ve used. Though with enough aggression I’m sure you can be as loud as you want. The concave keys offer a smooth surface and my fingers glide across it very nicely. They are a little wobbly however and can be extra sensitive. My advice is to turn the actuation settings down if you’re typing a lot with this. Or get used to having frequent typos. Even after weeks of use the keycaps are not oily at all. This keyboard is insanely responsive and quick. The lack of a number pad also makes using large mouse movements easy. The rapid trigger setting allows for extra fast and/or repeated key presses – which made writing this review a breeze.

At $150 USD ($200 CAD), scooping the Vulcan II TKL Pro keyboard is an easy decision. Sure, there are cheaper options out there but none are as comfortable, high-performing or versatile as this. In fact, the Swarm II software and all the customization options make the Vulcan II TKL Pro on par with keyboards double the price. This keyboard exudes quality from every facet. There’s nothing it really can’t do, except type numbers quickly – so maybe get a separate number pad on the cheap if you’re going to miss that. Ultimately, if you’re looking to level up your gaming experience this is absolutely the keyboard you should set your sights on.

***The product was provided by the manufacturer***

The Good

  • Swarm II Software
  • Gorgeous
  • Incredible Versatility

The Bad

  • Lacking satisfying sound
  • Expensive for beginners