Turtle Beach Recon Spark Headset Review – Casual Gaming Simplicity at Its Finest

Turtle Beach Recon Spark Headset Review

Turtle Beach is one of the biggest names out there as far as gaming accessories, particularly headsets are concerned, and for good reason. They offer a wide selection of headsets for every gamer, whether you’re looking for something a bit cheaper to fit within your budget or you’re looking to kick your gaming experience up a notch. So where exactly does the brand new Turtle Beach Recon Spark headset fit into the mix? Let’s find out.

turtle beach recon spark headset top

The Recon Spark headset is definitely a solid package, aesthetically speaking, which is evident from the moment you unpack the headset. Unlike most other headsets on the market, the Recon Spark goes against the grain and offers a brilliant pop of lavender against the bright white frame. The lavender tones are minimal, found on the finer details of the headset, yet just enough to get excited about. Honestly, amongst a large majority of headset out there, this one stands out in the crowd, looking sleek as hell. And it doesn’t just look good either, as the metal frame offers a sense of stability and sturdiness. At no point did the Recon Spark feel like it could snap at any moment, as the entire headset, while sturdy, is also flexible. That said, when you expand the headset, the view of the underlying metal takes away from the design, making it look a bit cheaper.

Tight, yet Glasses Friendly Fit

With that said, the level of comfort while wearing the Recon Spark is more than adequate. The earphones and headband are cushioned well with synthetic leather-wrapped memory foam. While not overly cushiony, whether you’re playing for a long period of time, or a quick game of NHL, Call of Duty, or Fortnite, it’ll feel like you’re wearing small clouds. Despite this however, the slimmer earphones and design of the Recon Spark feel a bit tighter than most other headsets I’m used to. What this means is that for those of us that wear earrings or maybe have slightly bigger ears, there will be a fair amount of adjustments happening for those longer gaming sessions. This is bound to be a bit of an annoyance after a while. Regardless of this irritation, one of the biggest benefits to this headset is Turtle Beach’s ProSpecs glasses friendly design. Although the Recon Spark is a bit of a tighter fit than other headsets on the market, it doesn’t feel any different for those who wear glasses. And that’s a big deal. It also doesn’t hurt that there is no charging required for this headset, so if you find them comfortable enough to wear for hours on end, and don’t mind the readjustments, you can really play for as long as your controller will allow.

The Recon Spark offers a lag free versatile experience, compatible with all platforms, complete with fast response time for every game you play. It doesn’t offer all of that fancy technological mumbo jumbo, opting instead to keep things simple. And boy does it do simplicity well. With a single dial along the left earphone to adjust game and chat volume, there’s zero rigmarole involved with getting various sound profiles set etc. If you’re not a competitive player and looking for a headset that suits your relaxed approach to gaming, this is your perfect match.

turtle beach recon spark headset mid

Now if you’re looking for something that packs a bit more of a technological punch, the Recon Spark just isn’t it. While I can appreciate the simplicity of the headset, it would’ve been nice to have a boost mode available for amplified footstep sounds or even just a separate dial for both chat and game volume. That said, the quality of sound isn’t significantly lacking as a result. Sure, you might find your gameplay sounds drowned out if you’re playing with a loud and rambunctious group of friends, but their yelling is certainly going to crisp and clear. Likewise, if you aren’t in a group chat, you should have no trouble hearing someone sneaking up on you in any multiplayer shooter or battle royale game.

If you’re looking for a simple headset that offers crisp sound, is fairly comfortable and looks fantastic, without forking out a load of cash, the Recon Spark might just be the one for you. At $49.95 USD, this headset offers a lot for the price, as long as you’re more of a casual gamer. If you’re looking for a headset that’s going to check all of the boxes for your next competitive experience, or if you’re one that spends hours and hours playing games that might require more than a single sound profile, then the Recon Spark just isn’t what you’re looking for.

***The product was provided by the manufacturer***

The Good

  • Looks awesome
  • Glasses earphone design
  • Price point

The Bad

  • Not overly comfortable for long sessions
  • Single sound profile