10 Best Horror Video Games Arriving in 2022

Sometimes, You Just Need a Bit of Horror

Everyone has a favorite genre when it comes to video games. Some people like to play games that let you build things; some people like to challenge themselves with puzzles and teasers. And some people like to have their pants scared off when it comes to the horror genre.

Unholy feature

Honestly, there are a lot more games that we missed and should be highlighted here. These are just ten games that we know of that we’re extremely excited about. Some games are about monsters, and some are far more about horror. We hope that soon we can tell you more about these particular ten games, when they come out, and a whole lot of juicy details besides.

10. Sons of the Forest

Sons of the Forest

This is a follow-up to the horror hit The Forest. While we know very little about the game after its announcement, we do know that some of the same principles apply from the first game- there are bizarre people (or creatures?) about, and you must survive until a possible rescue. But we don’t know to the extent of how much is the same and how it applies between the games. What does seem to be interesting is — if the trailer is anything to go by –your character has gone through this before in the Forest. That’s enough to crush (or anger) any person having to go through a similar stressful situation all over again.

But who knows. Maybe this is all just in their head. We’ll have to see once the game comes out.

9. Scorn

This game has been delayed for a few years. We still don’t know the full story, but there’s beautiful biopunk artistry, and just a strange, mind-boggling world. Every time screenshots and trailers are seen of it, it just takes the breath away with how strange and alien this world is. One way to put it is Scorn appears to be beautifully unsettling. Plus, it looks like one of the main forms of combat is with the use of an organic bone gun; for all we know, it could shoot teeth or something else delightfully disgusting.

The only reason it’s not higher on the list is, well, how much this game will depend on the game’s atmosphere. That, and we’re not entirely sure when the current release date may be.

8. Unholy


This is also a bio-punk game of sorts but of a completely different type. Interestingly enough though we do know the plot of this game. It looks like in this game, players are part of a world where there was an alien invasion, and the aliens won. As part of it, players control Saidah, the mother of the child that was kidnapped. There are two goals: find their child-and escape. If possible. There’s a lot more in the way of details, such as a caste system, a plague, and a whole lot more in this Eldritch-looking horror. But there is the emphasis too on how Unholy can be played as stealth game, or just go for being the best at killing those that get in your way.

Either way, this looks terrifying and we’re here for it.

7. Quantum Error

Quantum Error

So the story doesn’t seem very horrifying…not at first. You’re a firefighter that’s looking for a partner inside of a building. But considering that it was a research facility, things go wrong where there are creatures, possibly people that are spewed out. While this does seem to be more of a first person shooter than a horror game on the surface, there are a lot of little details that have this game edging towards horror- like how there seem to be sudden unexpected jumps forward or backward outside of your control as the player, creatures that can not be seen with the lights on, and horrific transformations. The inability to control where you’re going due to the environment does have the game jump into the horror genre and right into our list.

6. Slitterhead

With two from the original Silent Hill team- especially with Akira Yamaoka, composer of many a beautiful song- this is something to get excited about. It does look like it will be combat focused, and there is a lot of physical horror while also messing with one’s mind- not knowing who to trust because they might have a monster under their skin. With Keiichiro Toyama’s experience in Silent Hill and Siren: Blood Curse, it’s hard to know what to expect.

However, we do have to say that we don’t know if this game will come out in 2022- but dang. It does look good.

You’ve made it this far! Check out the rest of our list after the break.