Protect Your Switch With These PowerA Cases

Making a Case for Better Switch Protection

Even if you usually play your Nintendo Switch in docked mode, there will be times when you use it as a handheld or on the go. Maybe you want to toss it in a backpack or stuff it in a suitcase. When the time comes, you need a case, right? You don’t want to start your vacation with a busted Switch, because then what will you do? Talk to other people? Take in the sights? I shudder to think about it.

Luckily, there are a number of cases available for all the current Switch models. We had the chance to test drive the PowerA Slim Case and the PowerA Animal Crossing New Horizon-themed Protection Case.

PowerA Protection

If you treat your Switch as an Animal Crossing delivery device, you’ll want to look at the Protection Case. With its green and white theme and prominent leaf logo, this case looks like something Tom Nook himself would sell. The case is soft, molded plastic. There is a screen protector flap that doubles as storage for up to six game cartridges. The inside of the lid has a zippered, mesh storage compartment. The Protection Case has a rubberized handle and nice, big zipper pulls. It weighs in at a little over eight ounces, and while we looked at the Animal Crossing model, there are nearly a dozen other themed designs.

My OLED Switch fit nice and snugly into the case. While it isn’t quite as light or compact as the Slim Case, I feel like the plastic shell added a bit more protection. There is also a molded foam insert to adapt the case for the Switch Lite.

PowerA Slim

Weighing in at around an ounce less than the Protection Case, the Slim Case offers solid basic protection for the Switch. It has a denim-looking fabric-covered plastic shell with a felt liner. It too has a screen protector flap that holds five game cartridges and features a small mesh pocket. The inside flap also does double duty as a folding stand for the Switch. The Slim Case doesn’t have a carrying handle and comes in one color.

As with the Protection case, the Slim Case has a foam insert to hold the Switch Lite in place. While my OLED fit nicely into the Slim, I worried a little about its less robust protection around the sides despite the edges being reinforced.

At 1.75 inches thick, the Protection Case is definitely a bit bulkier than the 1.25-inch thick Slim Case (hence the name). The Protection Case does have much more substantial edge protection all the way around, though.

Since a case is not included with the Switch, it’s almost a necessity to pick one up after the fact. After all, the beauty of Nintendo’s handheld is in its portability. There are lots of options, but both of these PowerA cases do a good job at a reasonable price.

***PowerA cases provided for review***